When it comes to residential painting, the staff at NW Siding & Windows is designed to provide an exceptional experience for our customers. It begins with an onsite evaluation of the project where we discuss and define the scope of work. We will, then, determine the best approach to completing the project. Our management team is responsible for providing estimates and addressing any questions or concerns involved with the project.

Please keep in mind, we only do exterior painting.

Manufacturers continue to release new and improved products which overwhelm homeowners. At NW Siding & Windows, the project managers are educated in new products on a regular basis. We have an excellent team of coating representatives that we work with providing us the support we need in determining coating failure as well as product recommendation.

Exterior Paint Prep

At Northwest Siding and Windows we understand that thorough prep is the foundation of a lasting paint job. Our prep process is always customized to address your project’s needs. There’s no cutting corner approach to prepping the exterior of any building. We don’t just send a crew out to quickly cover up your paint problems. We give each project the proper inspection and attention that it requires (each project has different requirements so please check your contract for specifics). Our prep process addresses the root cause behind paint failure, providing a strong, sound surface for paint to cover and protect. If it doesn’t last longer than any other paint job you’ve had before, then we’ll be disappointed. Our mission is to have the best looking and longest lasting paint jobs in the Portland Metro area, and it starts with our prep work. We believe in achieving high standards in customer satisfaction and appreciate our customers who choose to work with us again. Northwest Siding and Windows is also dedicated to environmental responsibility and supplements our experience with ongoing training, green certification and non-toxic paint selections.

With most exterior home repaints you can expect Northwest Siding & Windows to do the following prep:

  • Complete Low or High pressure Water cleaning of all surfaces to be finished
  • Hand scrape of any flaking or peeling paint on siding and any other highly textured surfaces
  • Sand all failing trim boards where needed (fascia’s, corner boards, window & door trim)
  • Prime of all bare surfaces using XIM Peel Bond Primer (the absolute best on the market)
  • Complete masking and covering of all foundation, windows, decks, patios, roofs, etc
  • Protection of all landscaping, ground cover, grass, and hardscapes
  • Removal of cracking and failing sealant/caulking around house
  • Reapplication of sealant around all cracked and shallow window, door, and siding joints

Over time it is our prep work that gives you, our customer, the most value for your money.

More Exterior Services

  • Low or High pressure water cleaning
  • Dry removal of debris with brushes and brooms
  • Anti mildew treatment and dry rot repair
  • Scraping of all peeled and loose paint
  • Lead paint renovation
  • Power or hand sanding for smooth surfaces
  • Caulking/cement patch hair cracks and stationary seams
  • Patching cracked, damaged or uneven areas
  • Priming new, raw and exposed wooden parts
  • Masking all windows, lighting and other areas
  • Shielding or covering all landscape and hardscape
  • Using top quality materials
  • Free sample color demonstration
  • Staining new wood
  • Minor/major carpentry work, siding repair/replacement, window replacement
  • Waterproofing
  • Hand brush work on every corner, window trim, and gutter.
  • Color consultation and schematic

We almost exclusively use Sherwin Williams products because we feel their products are the best. Here at Northwest Siding and Windows we never cut corners by using cheaper, lower quality products. You owe it to yourself and to your home to always have the best products used. For more information on Sherwin Williams product lines visit their websites.




Super Paint is formulated with Advanced Resin Technology. You can apply most sheens in cold weather, even in temperatures as low as 35° F. Once applied, it offers outstanding adhesion and color retention – resisting frost in cold conditions and resisting fading, chalking, peeling and blistering in hot and humid conditions. With its fast, efficient application in all temperatures, Super Paint will increase your production year-round.


With a 100% acrylic formula that covers well and lasts, A-100 Exterior Latex Paint is a proven performer that meets your expectations and your need to keep an eye on the bottom line.



Sheen Selection

These terms define the sheen level, or degree of light reflection, of the paint. The amount of sheen found in the paint can yield different levels of durability, clean-ability, and UV protection. Below you will find a brief description of the most common sheen levels

  • Gloss – Sheen level with the highest degree of light reflection. Used most often on metal work, high traffic kitchen and bathroom walls (commercial), and cabinetry, banisters, trim, and furniture where a very glossy sheen is desired. Provides high durability, high clean-ability, and high UV protection. Difficult to touch-up.
  • Semi-gloss – Below gloss in degree of light reflection. Used most often in high traffic areas of a household like kitchen and bathroom walls, hallways, children’s rooms, playrooms, doors, woodwork and trim. Provides high durability, high clean-ability, and high UV protection. Difficult to touch-up.
  • Satin – Below semi-gloss in degree of light reflection. Used most often on all interior walls and nearly every single exterior project we paint on the body and trim. Provides slightly lower levels of clean-ability than semi-gloss products but similar characteristics for durability and UV protection. Helps prevent exteriors from fading, without creating a mirror-like reflection. Can be difficult to touch-up depending on how long ago the surface was painted.
  • Flat – Lowest degree of light reflection. Used most often on exterior walls or interior ceilings. Generally has the lowest levels of durability, clean-ability, and UV protection. However, products are available with higher levels for interior use if flat sheen is desired. Easy to touch-up.

Stain/Paint Maintenance

  • Cedar Shingles – Every 2-3 years. South and West facing walls require more frequency.
  • Fences – Every 3-5 years depending on sun exposure and watering practices.
  • Decks – Every 1-2 years to maintain a healthy deck and avoid costly refinishing.
  • Garage Doors / Front Doors – Every 1-2 years to avoid discoloring and stains.
  • All Painted surfaces – Every 8-10 years depending on sun exposure and watering practices.

OSI Caulking with James Hardie Color Plus system

We use the recommended OSI Quad color matched caulking with all James Hardie color plus materials.