Wood Trim

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Address Block
Light Block

Blocks and Bibs

Blocks and Bibs are custom made to cover specific utility outlets. We also stock address blocks. These items are made out of Western Red Cedar and are available primed, stained or raw.

Outlet Block
Hose Bib

Brickmold and Shakemold

Brickmold and Shakemold are used to trim doors and windows. They are made out of hemlock and are available primed, raw or stained.

2 1/4″ Crown Molding
3 7/16″ Crown Molding

Crown Molding

Crown Molding is used to trim ceilings and is available in 2 1/4″, 3 1/4″ and 4 1/4″ widths. It is made from hemlock and is available primed, raw or stained.

Bay Corner
Deco Corner
Rabbeted Corner


These items are made from milled Western Red Cedar 2 x 4’s.
Bay Corners are used to trim Bay Windows, the inside corners of which are 45%.
Deco Corners are used as one piece corner boards, the inside corners of which are 90%. A more economical alternative to a two piece rabbeted corner.
Rabbeted Corners are produced by routing a square channel out of the corner of a board to effect a tightly sealed corner with another board.


Window Sill (S4S)

S4S = Smooth on four sides

Sizes Finish
2″ x 3″ Raw, Primed or
2″ x 4″ Stained