Fall Maintenance – Windows

Ever wonder what those little slots are on the bottom of your window? They are weep holes. They allow for water to drain from the window tracks. Some weep holes are just that, holes. Others have small covers that allow for water to drain, but helps reduce entry of debris and small insects.

Now is a good time to clean out the weep holes and tracks to help ensure proper drainage as we go into the wetter months here in Portland. A Q-tip and warm water will usually do the trick. Clean the window sill or track with warm water and a soft cloth or brush. Milgard warns specifically against using a dry cloth or brush to prevent scratching the vinyl window frame.

Clean the weep holes once a year to ensure they continue to function properly.
We get rain during all four season in the Portland area. So it’s important to ensure the weep holes are clear of dirt and debris to allow for proper drainage.

Additionally, it’s best to look up the specific cleaning guidelines for your windows’ manufacturer to ensure any detergents or cleaning agents used won’t damage the window or void the window’s warranty.